The Gnome

The Gnome

Being brave is easy, but how brave would you be if you were only 4 inches tall?

The Gnome is a character driven animation that features Tom the gnome’s adventures in a feature film, TV series, eBook, mobile games and other apps. In addition to the digital products The Gnome offers vast possibilities in merchandising and live services.

  • Genre Adventure / Comedy
  • Target Audience Kids and family
  • Production Technique UHD video & 3D animation, mixed technique
  • Status In development

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When you’re 4 inches tall, a puddle becomes an ocean and a hill becomes a mountain. Introducing Tom – a happy-go-lucky forest gnome whose silly stunts always lead into trouble. When Tom’s little brother goes missing, Tom is faced with the challenge of a lifetime: a journey far, far from home.

Tom’s quest takes him deep into the wild woods, in the midst of wolves, foxes, owls – and finally the most dangerous beasts, humans. This adventure teaches Tom the true meaning of honesty and friendship.

Concept Art


The Gnome uses a mixed technique of filmed UHD video combined with 3D animation, to produce a photorealistic environment and realistic look and feel.

The animations are of superb quality, to create an illusion of actual, real-life gnomes with human feelings, thoughts, skills, gestures, strengths and weaknesses. All this in a miniature 4-inch body and with a life expectancy of 400–450 years.

Our use of mixed technique has been widely acknowledged. The Gnome received the award for the Best Technology in the Seoul Promotion Plan 2012 Project Competition.


The Gnome is a family entertainment
production developed by RINKI.

Creative audiovisual content has always been our passion. Since 2004 we have spiced up TV commercials and corporate videos by using 3D graphics, film footage, visual effects and character animation. Today RINKI offers creative services in all parts of the production cycle. In addition to working with customers and their projects, RINKI develops and produces unique family entertainment. Feature films, TV series, mobile apps including mobile games, merchandise and live services are the new playground for our original stories and 3D animated characters.

The Gnome feature film will be produced by Gnome Entertainment which is a joint venture owned by RINKI, Parka Pictures and Helsinki-Filmi.


RINKI / Niko Waaralinna
Pursimiehenkatu 26 C
FI-00150 Helsinki, FINLAND
Mobile +358 40 500 3892